Ales Kafelnikov made my dad lose about 10 pounds

Алеся Кафельникова заставила отца похудеть на 10 килограммов Famous tennis player has signed with the successor of the bet. Ales Kafelnikov, who works as a model, has inspired dad Yevgeny Kafelnikov and encouragement in the gym for lean body for the summer.

      Алеся Кафельникова заставила отца похудеть на 10 килограммов

      More recently in a Network there was a big discussion about whether the suffering the daughter of Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales anorexic or not. Soon the passion died down a bit, as fans of the star family was surprised to find that he’s a famous tennis player started to lose weight on the eyes.

      It turns out that the daughter was inspired by the Pope to return to its former harmony. He went on a diet and started with double intensity, go to the gym.

      “My daughter made a bet that will lose weight, – have shared in your periscope Kafelnikov. – Already got rid of ten pounds. Through the day I go to the gym and keep diet. Refused to sausage and bread. A day drink three liters of water”.

      Such stunning results as it turned out, only interim results Kafelnikov in the fight with excess weight. The tennis star posted a photo from the gym, where he shamelessly shows fat deposits in the abdominal area. “Well?” – asked Eugene the effect produced from their fans. Last agreed on the opinion that it would be nice to lose a few pounds.

      Алеся Кафельникова заставила отца похудеть на 10 килограммов

      If Kafelnikov keeps himself in tight rein, the daughter he, on the contrary, he tries at every opportunity to feed the high-calorie dishes. Recently, the young model had supper of mashed potatoes, that is a great discharge from the standard diet of the representatives of her profession. “Even ate mashed potatoes for dad. P. S the last time you ate mashed potatoes 3 years ago,” wrote Ales Kafelnikov in his microblog.

      By the way, recently in the press and then there are speculation that her lack of weight. To tell you how really things are going with the health of Kafelnikov, as well as to protect his ward from the attacks decided her Manager Vadim Romanovich. On the program “live” he denied the rumors that Ales is threatened by anorexia.

      “Eugene A. participates directly in the education of Lesya and cares, he goes to her shows, he is really watching her diet. They constantly visit doctors, given that this is a sports family, they look after their health. No doctor gave this diagnosis, which can be discussed now,” said Vadim.

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