Старший сын Дарьи Пынзарь подбирает гардероб младшему The theme of touching care of a new baby brother. Daria Pynzar said that the Subject asked her to buy David same shirt as she gave him. A young mother is happy that the eldest son is not jealous of parents to the little brother.

      Старший сын Дарьи Пынзарь подбирает гардероб младшему

      One of the most noticeable participants of the project “Dom-2” from among the former, Daria Pynzar these days enjoying the joys of motherhood. In mid-may, a young woman gave to her husband Sergei Pynzar second son. The happy parents gave the newborn a rare name – David.

      Waiting for the appearance of the baby born, like many moms who already have children, Daria Pynzar most worried, as a new member of the family will react to her eldest son, four-year Theme. However, her fears were in vain – the boy, accustomed to the fact that all the love and care of mom and dad only gets him adopted younger brother very warm. While walking he eagerly rolls the stroller with David and shows childish touching the care of a newborn brother. Apparently, the Topic is enough parental love, so his behavior is no hint of jealousy toward the youngest man in the family. Yesterday, for example, the Topic asked my mother to buy for David same shirt as she gave him. Daria pynzar is the behavior of the eldest son incredibly happy. “The subject is so liked bright stylish shirt that he even asked, “Mommy, can little brother the same?” – signed picture, which captured her first child in new clothes, Daria Pynzar. – It’s so cool that he already cares about her baby brother.”

      Старший сын Дарьи Пынзарь подбирает гардероб младшему

      Daria Pynzar keeps up to date the first days of the son of all his fans. The star of the reality show showed pictures from the first outing of the boy and shared pictures from the shop children’s clothing and accessories, where she and her husband chose things for David. Despite the fact that the second child is Darya and Sergey Pynzar still quite small, parents are not afraid to take it with you in crowded places. Such behavior of young parents criticized some subscribers microblog Daria, however, the couple are of the opinion that with the advent of the baby does not have to turn into hermits, even at the time, but on the contrary, we must try to lead a normal lifestyle. Not so long ago, for example, all the amicable family has been fishing, which they love. Sergey with his eldest son the Theme was fishing, and Daria with a toddler can enjoy nature and the wonderful weather, not forgetting to tell about the first fishing trip with the participation of David on his page in Instagram.

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