Алена Водонаева и Айза Долматова: как рушилась крепкая дружба Russian stars had met a few years ago in one company. Alain and ISA quickly found a common language and were considered best friends. However, a few months ago because of business issues between them there was disorder and celebrities stopped to chat.

      Алена Водонаева и Айза Долматова: как рушилась крепкая дружба

      Ex-member show “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva and businesswoman ISA Dolmatova met in the late 2000s, at a party in the company of mutual friends. In that moment ISA had been married to rapper Body, Alena Vodonaeva a career in show business, “releasing” with a reality show.

      The girls very quickly got along with each other. Soon they were considered friends do not spill water ” and spent a lot of time together. It ISA supported Alena in difficult moments, when she faced adversity in his personal life. Vodonaeva short lived in marriage with her first husband, Alexei Malakaeva and divorced five years after marriage. Star “Houses-2” has ceased to trust men, but even more believed in the female friendship. After all, with ISA they become each other’s encouragement and support. The girls found common interests and realized that they are always comfortable and have fun together.

      Алена Водонаева и Айза Долматова: как рушилась крепкая дружба“We ISA second version of friendship. It is neither good nor bad. It’s just so. And I really appreciate and love what we have going on. We always have fun, we rarely understand each other as it is very similar. We know the first letter, what will be the second. We are always available, even when we don’t see each other for weeks. ISA is the one for me, to which you can call at three in the morning ( figuratively expressed, it is clear that at this time we all call each other ). I have friends of different, real and loved, all for the sake of them will make. For such a woman does a lot and know it’s mutual” – so touching Alena spoke about her friend.

      In 2013, the marriage of ISA and Guf broke, so she sought solace in the company of a friend. Dolmatova Vodonaeva together and met the 2014-th year, and a few days later drove off in a joint journey to Sri Lanka. It is symbolic that the two girls could live with their first husbands about the same number of years.

      Children Alena and ISA have also started to communicate with each other. For a party in honor of the fifth son Dolmatova Sam Vodonaeva came together with your child, Bogdan.

      Алена Водонаева и Айза Долматова: как рушилась крепкая дружба

      Relations ISA and Vodonaevoy surprised their fans. Both girls are reasonably explosive, so it was hard to imagine them without quarrels and disputes could be together for so long. Birthday Vodonaevoy in the past year, the ISA allowed himself to prank. She posted a photo of a friend in the Nude on his page.

      Alena Vodonaeva is preparing fans of the erotic surprise

      “Alena, I love you! I’m happy to be your friend and to be able to have fun with you even when we are sad! You’re a human atomic bomb! And don’t ever change!” signed photograph of Alena ISA.
      Алена Водонаева и Айза Долматова: как рушилась крепкая дружба

      However, the girls were destined to be friends forever. Some time ago two friends suddenly had a conflict because of the business that ruined their friendly relationship. Ex-wife Gufa briefly explained what happened between them.

      ISA Dolmatova refuses to communicate with Alyona Vodonaevoy

      “We don’t talk anymore. I’m very disappointed in the man. I have long warned, but I always found all the situations justify. I was sure that I will not touch it. In the end touched. The reason I will not name, but I will say that our joint photos you’ll never see again. I have no regrets,” he told ISA.

      The fans of the stars were saddened by this news, because in social networks began to appear groups on the friendship between the girls where fans have posted pictures of them together and quotes.

      Just recently, ISA has given a new impetus to the conflict. Dolmatova has placed in his microblog post, which accused Allen of corruption. The reason for this was the fact that Vodonaeva has started to cooperate with the man previously, both girls thought unpleasant person.

      ISA Dolmatova Alain Vodonaevu accused of corruption

      “Now one more, my friend began to work with the “favorite” partner, who just bought all. Better would have bought a new tracksuit. Yes, I’m a bitch! But this is how is it possible that you are friends with people and they betray you for a grandmother! Not realizing that if I threw, and throw them in the same way cheated of many who worked this metre each. And this will happen very soon knowing this character. Even the one who once loved me and hated of our Caucasian businessman, now dancing to his tune,” said Dolmatov.

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