Энтони Хопкинс присоединился к «Трансформерам»

Director Michael Bay is expanding the cast of his new movie.

Towards a new picture of the transformers with the subtitle “the Last knight” actor was joined by old school Hollywood Anthony Hopkins.

This news was published on the official page of “Transformers” on Twitter: “the Man, the myth, the legend. Welcome sir Anthony Hopkins in the universe of “Transformers”.

Who, exactly, the film will play 78-year-old actor is not specified. In addition to the first-magnitude star in the film, we see Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel. Actor Peter Cullen will be the voice transformer named Optimus Prime.

Энтони Хопкинс присоединился к «Трансформерам»

We will remind, the day before Michael Bay spoke about another team member. Imbued with a special feeling for the lonely dog in the UK, the Director decided to make it part of the new film, as well as find her new owners. As they say in the message of Michael in the social network, from a six year old Staffordshire bull Terrier has repeatedly refused foster families, because at the moment she lives in the shelter, Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool. By the way, because of the inability to find a family Freya was the “loneliest” in the opinion of the users of the network.

If in the near future the dog will not find the owner, it is located near filmmaker.

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