48-year-old Pamela Anderson hair issues

У 48-летней Памелы Андерсон проблемы с волосами

The image, which for almost all his life faithful to Pamela Anderson, today is not so attractive as before.

48-year-old actress and model, who became famous thanks to the TV series “Baywatch,” recently caught the eye of the paparazzi, but looked the best.

Photopresenter, and later secular observers, noted that the appearance of Pamela is far from ideal. This applies in particular to hair, Anderson.

They seem to be unhealthy, dry, and dead perepalennye.

It is obvious that the actress should reconsider their views on your image and might change something. Stylists recommend Anderson to switch to more natural shades of colors, thanks to which hair will not succumb to such a large exposure to peroxide and not so often.


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