Старшая дочь Веры Брежневой не нашла общий язык с отцом Sonia does not contact with his biological dad Vitaly Voichenko. Despite the fact that the singer does not hinder the child’s relationship with father, the girl doesn’t want to meet him and spend time.

      The eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva Sonia does not want to communicate with his biological father Vitaly Voichenko. According to star, she never set the baby against his first wife, however, 15-year-old heiress is not trying to establish contacts with the Pope. Brezhnev itself admits that for a long time had no contact with Vitali and doesn’t even know where he lives.

      “We have long ceased to communicate. Although Sonya I do not forbid you to see my father, on the contrary, I cite her example of her older sister, who’s been deprived of such opportunities. Been asked many times: don’t you want to see and talk? But apparently they are unable to find a common language. So Sony has no need to communicate, and I have no right to insist”, – said Leonid Brezhnev.

      According to some sources, the singer broke up with Vitaliy Voychenko, when Sonia was only a year. The man admitted in an interview that the rupture occurred due to the fact that he earned a little and could not provide for his family. According to him, Faith simply Packed my things, took my daughter and left. He’s not holding that against her, he was even a few years ago, talked with the artist during her visit to Kiev. Also Brezhnev had always told him about the events in the life of the heiress, invited him to come to school events Sony. However, as an adult, she decided to limit communication with my dad.

      The eldest heiress of Faith does not even bear his father’s name. In social networks, the Dormouse is listed under the name of Kipperman, spouse Brezhnev, from whom the actress gave birth to daughter Sarah. With Michael at Sony had a good relationship. The girl even called him dad and went with him abroad.

      Brezhnev is not worried about the fate of the eldest daughter. Sonia loves to learn, and their future wants to associate with the cinema. She went to a special camp in the United States, where he explained how to work on the set. “I’m glad my daughter is making her own choices. The last thing I would want my children to have embodied some of my own unrealized dreams and fantasies,” admitted Faith in an interview with “7 days”.