Петр Федоров отказался от постельных сцен с невестой Бондарчука “StarHit” learned how actor rescued the grandmother and why did not appear in explicit scenes with Paulina Andreeva. Native Peter Fedorov proud of the artist and constantly monitor its successes.

      Петр Федоров отказался от постельных сцен с невестой Бондарчука

      The star of “Stalingrad” was released on the world stage, representing abroad the film by Alexei Mizgireva “the Duelist”, which plays a major role. On the eve of the Russian premiere, September 29, his grandfather said “StarHit”, why did Peter not getting married and why he did not go to bed with Paulina Andreeva.

      Despite the tight schedule and traveling, Fedorov tries to devote as much time close – sweetheart Anastasia, mother, grandmother and grandfather. “The recent misfortune of all of us even more closer together – admitted “StarHit” 92-year-old Evgeny Evgenievich. – My wife Irina, Granny Petit, fell and broke her hip. At our age, and she’s 89, it’s a terrible injury. Grandson rushed from the shoot, got her to the hospital where his wife spent a month. She is now at home, slowly recovering. Peter with his hands converted the bed of the grandmother, so she could eat sitting down, almost spoon-fed him, cared. Only given a day, trying to come.”

      Fedorov-senior not conceal his pride in the grandson, watching his work, watching the news, always in touch with Peter.

      “He phoned me from America, talked about the presentation of the film,” continues the grandfather of the actor. Soon he’s got another project coming out – the “Icebreaker”. Peter is worried. There, he did not know – he grew a beard, the whole overgrown for the role! Is the captain of the ship! A creative profession leaves a mark – no time for family… I want him to have children. But while they are with a nice girl to marry. She’s a girl too creative artist, interested in photo, recently traveled to the Altai, and then in Tibet… I Hope, you will wait the same from them grandchildren!”
      Петр Федоров отказался от постельных сцен с невестой Бондарчука

      According to the grandfather, Peter is popular with the ladies, but faithful.

      “It is constant and responsible, – said Evgeny Fedorov. – On the other is not looking. Here he was shooting with the bride Fyodor Bondarchuk – Pauline. When the Director said to act in a bed scene, Peter refused. I admitted that he had not pulled it to this artist. Andreev tried to persuade him, she was ready on all for the sake of art”.