Шарлиз Терон не узнали из-за лишнего веса The actress has put on 16 pounds for new role. The star involved in the movie “Tully”, which is in Vancouver. The paparazzi took a picture of Charlize in sloppy form on the street.

      Шарлиз Терон не узнали из-за лишнего веса

      41-year-old actress Charlize Theron has always been considered one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Star always carefully watched his appearance: never appeared in public shaggy, pick up beautiful dresses and was distinguished by a slender figure. However, on the days paparazzi captured the actress in a very untidy form. In a woman of immense size can be difficult to know sexy Charlize.

      It turned out that Theron gained 16 pounds overweight. The actress has performed such a feat for a new role in the film Jason in new York “Tully”. About the painting known only to that partner Charlize will be Mackenzie Davis, and on the screens it will be released in 2017. According to some foreign kinoportalov, Theron will play a mother who is trying to build a business, but it wants to combine work with parental responsibilities. The character’s name is Marlo, and she has three children. In the film, a woman hires a caretaker for his brother named Tully. With this character she has a special relationship.

      On the set Theron appeared in the vast denim sundress. Fans of the star have the impression that the woman is difficult to move in a new weight. I wonder how she managed in such a short time to gain all that weight, because even in the summer the woman were shining on the red carpet being pretty toned.

      Шарлиз Терон не узнали из-за лишнего веса

      By the way, this is not the first case when the star has to say goodbye to their elegance. In 2003 the film “Monster” Theron played the serial killer Aileen Wuornos. For the role for which the actress received an Oscar, she had gained 13 pounds. Then, she told reporters that this helped her to Excel in the work on the film. “Gaining weight, I was able to feel closer to the lives they lived, my heroine,” – said the actress.

      In everyday life Charlize adhere to a healthy diet. Star leaned on the protein and vegetable food, particularly trying to eat more green vegetables and unsweetened fruit. Besides, Theron refuses potatoes, pasta, cereals, pastry and confectionery.