Нюша игнорирует обвинение Кати Гордон в плагиате The scandal erupted because of the idea that I liked both artists. Kate Gordon has announced that it plans to release the album with a certain concept. After some time the same idea has announced Nyusha.

      Catherine Gordon outraged by the behavior of Nyusha. In the “instagrame” star publicly appealed to his colleague in show business accused of plagiarism. Nyusha day after day ignoring the scandal erupted.

      We will remind, in may, the Gordon in all of its social media accounts posted a message that is preparing a new album with an interesting concept of “nine lives.” This idea is not new, and many artists used it in their projects before, but Catherine preferred her in the loving plane.

      “I will tell you about their nine lives. Nine births and umiranja love. Each of them will be not only in word, sound, and video sketch. Each of them is so true that you learn…” wrote Gordon.

      Later Gordon has renamed the album “Nine lives” in “Sex&drama”, but his idea has remained the same, what she told her fans. And in that moment, when the preparation of the material was already in full swing, Catherine learned that the fall will premiere a new show Nyusha called “Nine lives”. The singer has already made a videoanonsa concept.

      “I always wanted to tell you a little more… Soon you will be able to see the world through my eyes… Nine Lives… Nine Nine Truths… my Truths… This is what I came…” – says Nyusha.

      Catherine’s indignation knew no bounds. She openly accused Jane of plagiarism. Star regretfully wrote that now she doesn’t have time for proceedings in connection with the filming and release of the album. In addition, the singer reminded fans in his microblog that she was talking about “nine lives” all summer, while Jane began to promote this idea in the autumn. Gordon turned directly to his colleague.

      The court may order Nyusha to return 19 million rubles

      “Jane, start with the truth, do not steal, but somehow ugly attempt began entering adulthood. Like wearing mom’s shoes and lipstick took. Understand that, most likely, the team dragged happily the texts and the project, but you don’t live in a bunker… I also Understand that in response you will get familiar to our showbiz tirade that only 7 notes,” wrote Catherine Gordon, however, never receiving a reply to his accusation.