Ксения Бородина рассказала, как преодолела кризис в отношениях с любимым The TV presenter and her husband managed to find the strength to build a dialogue and restore peace in the family. According to Ksenia Borodina, they Kurban Omarov realized that love each other and must do everything to keep what they have. Now the reverent relationship of the couple admired by thousands of fans of the star on Instagram, and they all believe that lovers are wise enough to continue to pass all the tests with dignity.

      More recently, the loyal fans of Ksenia Borodina was a serious reason for concern – the TV presenter and her husband Kurban Omarov was going through difficult times. In the period when the relations of the young parents came disorder, celebrities had a hard time – the confessions of Xenia, beside her were the people who tried to make the conflict flared up with new force.

      After a time, the star, as her beloved man, managed to realize and make peace in the family. For fans of the undisputed leading “House-2” the news of her reconciliation with her husband was a great joy, because Ksenia and Eid for many, are an example. Now, when the most difficult period is over, Borodin explained what really happened in her relationship with Omarov this summer.

      Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov has established communication

      “The fact that there are those who like to spoil the life of others with their gossip and intrigue. It so happened that at the time of our Kurban lapping such people were in the area – said the TV star. – Wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child – we have it all happened very quickly, we don’t even really have time to be with each other. Of course, something was to blame us, but, thank God, found the strength to understand what is happening, to understand that we love each other, and move on. The most important lesson for us was the realization that happiness still likes silence”.

      Now Xenia and Eid is much less likely to share with strangers the details of family life. The couple enjoy being outside the city, where they are currently renting a house. It was there that young parents spend time with children – Mary, Thea and Omar. Despite the fact that the family of the presenter there is a complete understanding, it is in no hurry to provide details to all interested parties.

      “If I don’t post for a few days, Eid pictures in “Instagram”, it does not mean that we parted, as I think many of my subscribers, explained in an interview with star magazine “the House-2″. – Just don’t want to devote all of their privacy. The less people know, the more we sleep”.