The design of the room of the daughter of Yulia Kovalchuk sparked heated debate

Дизайн комнаты дочки Юлии Ковальчук вызвал жаркие споры
The singer first let outsiders into the “Holy of holies”.

Дизайн комнаты дочки Юлии Ковальчук вызвал жаркие споры

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

Yulia Kovalchuk in October became the first mother. Of course, for this event the artist carefully prepared, even during pregnancy, she and her husband — Alexey Chumakov started a repair in one of rooms of a spacious country house. Children’s room is shaped according to the latest trends in interior design.

Room where now dwells the little daughter of Julia and Alexei in pastel colors. It is curious that in the room there is no furniture or design pink. Fans even suggested that perhaps at the time of pregnancy Kovalchuk thought she’s a boy? Other fans called love for design in the style of “Princess room” — a relic of the past. “I did everything right Julia! A pink room with bows and flounces — the height of bad taste!” — certain members of Yulia.

If did not give birth: Julia Kovalchuk admired figure in three weeks after giving birth

“Sunday! About now looks like my workplace! Nyanchitsya, fed, rocked, parallel to writing some new tunes, and breaks out! Thanks to my wonderful friends for saved my time and gave the right gifts” — and thanked the other day Kovalchuk friends.

Earlier, Julia was suspected of plastic surgery — so much has changed its face after the baby is born. However, probably these changes are connected with the fact that the artist got rid yet of all recruited for the pregnancy pounds.