Elena Vaenga disgraced at the concert

Елена Ваенга оскандалилась на концерте
The conflict of the singer with the audience was much discussion on the Network.

Elena Vaenga

Photo: @vaengaofficial Instagram of Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga appeared in the center of the scandal. The incident with the participation of the stars of chanson occurred recently at a concert in eagle. The artist left the stage, then not 20 minutes from the planned volume of the programme. This angered the spectators, who have bought expensive tickets and did not expect that Elena will not work the allotted time of the concert. Fans did not hesitate to Express their resentment at Vaenga, to which she reacted very strongly.

“I will continue to remember you bought a ticket — buy a plane. I bought a ticket — bought artist, shares her emotions hurt Elena. — Two boorish happened what happened… Throw “tomatoes” and you “obotrite” and Shine on. And it didn’t kill, but what intensified the 200 people who “have obratili” abruptly drunk aunts. The answer is: “Probably not love was!”

The singer was outraged by the above claims. In his microblog, she wrote later, that perfectly applies to the city and its residents, but boorish behavior of the audience can not understand. Elena noticed that human nature is very changeable. And if yesterday you were like the audience, tomorrow it might you “crucify”. It is worth noting that in the history of the performances of Elena for the first time appeared in a similar situation.