The death of his daughter, illness of her husband and late delivery: the trials of life actress Olga Naumenko

Смерть дочери, болезнь мужа и поздние роды: жизненные испытания актрисы Ольги Науменко The famous Gale of “twist of fate” had to face numerous tragedies. Olga Naumenko lost heiress, who was suffering from congenital cancer, and many years later a terrible disease overtook and her husband.
Смерть дочери, болезнь мужа и поздние роды: жизненные испытания актрисы Ольги Науменко

Varka from the “Shadows disappear at noon”, the Gal from “Irony of fate or with light steam!” – notable roles in the career of Olga Naumenko was a lot. However, she did not become famous for real. In an interview, the actress has repeatedly admitted that she is not often recognized on the streets. It did not bother her, because she never went to big fees or popularity. Only dreamed about this talented woman — personal happiness.

What happened to the actors from the movie “Irony of fate or With light steam!”

My only love Naumenko met in the theater. With actor Alexander Skvortsov they played in several performances, and after the girl grew into a very real affection.

“I got married at the old standards of late — at the age of 27. But it was a chaste way of life — thanks dad for strict upbringing. Once on the road I felt sick, fiver, chills, broke so I thought I’d die. Colleagues were on duty at my bed, and Sasha seemed to have departed not. And these situations, when he showed his kindness were many. To be honest, I never had passion. The most important thing that brought us together for 30 years, is friendship. Sasha was my dearest heart friend,” – said in an interview Naumenko.
Смерть дочери, болезнь мужа и поздние роды: жизненные испытания актрисы Ольги Науменко

In 1977, Olga and her husband first became parents. They had a daughter Alexandra.

The girl was often ill, and once she even had to do emergency surgery. It was then that the doctors discovered the baby has a malignant tumor Wilms. Naumenko had to leave the movie and get a nurse in the hospital where her daughter was lying. Despite the efforts of doctors, Alexander failed to save.

Grief the couple has been through together, all the forces trying to come to terms with the tragedy. A few months Olga found out she was pregnant, but decided to have an abortion. As an actress, then she would not have been able to bear a healthy baby, after all, very worried about what happened.

“Grief has brought us closer, we are in the hands not separate, holding each other. Come out of the theater in the evening, sit down at the table, pour 100 grams of cognac and talk about her daughter, about what to us such punishment, it is a terrible grief. Talking, talking, until my eyes start to stick together from exhaustion. And so six months”, – shared his experiences Olga.
Смерть дочери, болезнь мужа и поздние роды: жизненные испытания актрисы Ольги Науменко

Next time, the actress ventured into motherhood at the age of forty years. She gave birth to a daughter, Svetlana, who immediately turned into joy for both spouses. Many years later the star was faced with a terrible disease that robbed her of her firstborn: in the mid-2000s, her husband found a malignant tumor.

At that time, the artist tried to work a lot to provide the spouse a decent treatment. She to the last hoped for a miracle, but Alexander Skvortsov passed away in 2009.

“The fact that Alex is gone from us once, saved me from a long stupor and mourning their fate. And even then, what’s next 19-year-old daughter and her much harder than me. The death so close, she saw for the first time. Most of all I was afraid of what the world “stuck” in their grief. Fragile psyche, her affection and love to the father — all this could have serious consequences. So I told her to go to the funeral, even though she hardly went to the cemetery. After the funeral of Shurochka can’t see this place,” says Naumenko.

To distract heiress from her sad thoughts, the actress bought her a ticket to Egypt. There she met her future husband, a Frenchman, Antoine. Soon she moved to France for permanent residence.

About his most famous film credits in the film “Irony of fate or With light steam!” the actress recalls rare. She couldn’t be friends with stellar colleagues on the set. Now she is actively playing at the theater “Gogol-center”. Naumenko is involved with several productions. The artist rarely gives interviews, but each of them tells the story of limitless love for her husband, her daughter and a profession.

The article used quotes from an interview with Svetlana Naumenko site