Sergey Lazarev for the first time showed your child

Сергей Лазарев впервые показал своего ребенка The actor posted a touching photo with her son, in the picture it is perfectly visible on his face. Earlier Sergey Lazarev categorically refused to show images with a three-year Nikita. However, in anticipation of the New year the man decided to make an exception and greeted fans through a joint frame with the heir.
Сергей Лазарев впервые показал своего ребенка

Sergey Lazarev for the first time became a father in 2014, but chose not to tell fans about it. That is why the news about the new addition to the family of the singer appeared only a few years later. Later, the actor has repeatedly admitted that the boy had changed his life, but refused to show the baby to the public. Thus the man tried to save a child from public attention.

In the New year’s eve, Lazarev decided to give the fans a gift. He posted a photograph in which poses with Nikita.

“Thank you for all my family, and my beloved son Nikita. It’s time for me to show it to you, as it is quite large, and I’m so proud of him and love! I wish you all good, peace, health, let your family everything goes well”, – has signed a frame Sergei.

Fans were delighted from the pictures, many of them for several years waiting for the first frame with Nikita. Fans have been quick to point out that the boy was remarkably similar to his father. “This is the best Christmas gift. I’ll burst into tears of tenderness and gratitude to you, Sergei”, “What Nikita handsome. Just awesome”, “Real handsome. Let the evil pass over his side, and the boy will be really happy”, – shared his impressions of the subscribers Lazarev.

Photo boy posing in a white suit, like his famous father.

Sergey Lazarev has repeatedly admitted that long dreamed about children. In the end, the artist turned to a surrogate mother, which gave him an heir.

About the incredible love of the singer in relation to child legendary. So, Philip said that Sergei never want to part with her son.

“You know, I used to think that Maxim Galkin perfect father. But now I look like Lazarev worn with its Nikita, and it’s just amazing. I have not seen such a caring, sincere, father,” said the man in an interview.

Now Sergey Lazarev travel frequently with your child. He takes little Nikita on tour, but it hides from fans. The artist does not want his popularity had a negative impact on a child’s life, because he wants to have an heir was a perfect happy childhood.

The singer posted a few photos with Nikita, but on every picture the boy was seen only from the back. Now the fans hope that Sergey will be more likely to delight their joint pictures with the heir.