В смерти Антона Ельчина винят неудачную серию автомобилей

Anton Yelchin, Hollywood actor with Russian roots, tragic and ridiculous death on Sunday morning. The body of 27-year-old actor was found in the yard of his own home. It was sandwiched between a brick pillar and the car of actor Jeep Grand Cherokee. One version of the death of Anton was a technical defect the transmission of the vehicle.

It is noteworthy that this series of cars 2015 release was the so-called “revocable” — a large number of buyers of the Jeep Grand Cherokee complained that they were injured under similar circumstances. Who knows, maybe among them there were other fatalities.
The problem with this series of cars was the wanton running of the electronic lever to its original position, in this case to understand whether it is in position “stop” is possible only on the signal, opening the door.
Assume that Anton noticed that the lever is in the neutral position, or he voluntarily switched to “neutral” and was the cause of death of the artist.

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