Дочь Маши Распутиной заявила о коварсве родного отца

Over the last ten years one of the biggest enemies of the singer Masha Rasputina was her daughter Lydia, born married to first husband, singer Vladimir Yermakov. The girl with not the best luck, not once gave an interview in which a mother was accused of all mortal sins.
Parents separated when she was a child. Not seen it maternal affection before Mary was too busy with his career and touring schedule, and therefore rarely-seen daughter. When Rasputin with Ermakov broke up, Lida has become a bargaining chip. Staying with my father, she probably made the biggest mistake of my life. Due to the unstable mental state, Ermakova was in a psychiatric clinic..

Years passed in hostility and resentment of a mother and daughter. Fortunately, both found the strength to forgive the past and to re-establish communication. Now in an interview with Lydia tells how it really was. Now for their problems, particularly mental illness,.. she blames her own father.
According to Lida, Vladimir lied to her about his mother, antagonize her, but it’s not the worst. It is the father who gave her psychotropic drugs, from which she became ill. After some time, Lida has become so unimportant that she was in a psychiatric clinic, claiming that the girl is sick.
Journalists of NTV channel “New Russian sensations” Lida told that Vladimir had manipulated her with drugs, and the purpose of it was the apartment that belonged to the daughter.
“Father put me against my mom. He easily manipulated me with pills.. Doctors experimented with me, conducted the experiments. Medicines are only aggravated my condition and added diseases. Once he specially called the brigade, which took me to the psych ward.. Only now I understand that it was planned for them. When he briefly brought me home, where I was waited already by journalists. Dad told me that I have to say I disgraced mother, slandered her,” says Lydia.
While the daughter was under the influence of drugs, Vladimir rewrote the apartment of the daughter. In fact, she “voluntarily” abandoned her. Thereafter with the filing of the father of the girl called the mother’s husband Viktor Zakharov and demanded to buy her a new apartment, otherwise she threatened to complain to the reporters and ruin the reputation of the businessman.
“Victor evstafievich was a misunderstanding. I don’t know where was my conscience at that moment. I have so much dirt poured on mom.. Now I want to publicly apologize to her and apologize,” said Lida.
Masha has already forgiven daughter, and not hold a grudge against her. All these years she did not get tired to believe in the whole libel is guilty of her ex-husband that decided to revenge. That is what she will hardly ever forgive, because he broke the fate of their child for the sake of his principles and offense.

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