Selma Blair is hospitalized off the plane

Сельма Блэр госпитализирована с трапа самолёта

Actress Selma Blair was hospitalized a few hours ago at lax airport in Los Angeles. A message for an ambulance was received during flight and when the plane arrived, the doctors were waiting for a celebrity. The reason for the hospitalization was the strange behavior of the Selma and her poor health, caused by taking drugs and alcohol. What was used by the actress. it is still unknown.

Eyewitnesses claim that Blair had a glass of wine on the plane, and then began to shout:
“It burns my private parts!It does not give me to eat and drink! He beat me! He wants to kill me!”
Airport officials searched the personal belongings of the artist and found medication that has been prescribed by the attending physician.
The most terrible was that strange scene was observed by a four year old son Selma Arthur. Together with her mother they returned from Mexico, where he spent father’s Day with ex-lover Blair Jason a Glare.

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