Дочь Юлии Началовой пересекла океан ради встречи с мамой The singer and the heiress reunited after a long separation. Faith Aldonin came on vacation to Los Angeles, where a few months ago moved to live, her star mom Julia Nachalova. Missed each other, mother and daughter are now inseparable.

      Дочь Юлии Началовой пересекла океан ради встречи с мамой

      Famous singer Yulia Nachalova that the last few months living in separation from his beloved only daughter Faith, these days enjoying a long-awaited communion with the successor.

      Vera finally arrived in Los Angeles, where since the beginning of spring lives and builds his career in America, her star mom. Daughter Yulia Nachalova because of the need to continue studying all this time remained in Moscow. And only with the onset of summer vacation, the Faith was able to go overseas, where meeting her was looking forward to mom. Forced a few months to live apart, the mother and daughter communicated through the Internet, and having met in Los Angeles enjoying each other’s company. Together with daughter pictures Faith, who for the last couple of days publish on the microblogging Yulia Nachalova, and she and her heiress just glowing from happiness.

      . “My sweet pea”, “My babe”, “Mommy happy”, – such comments are accompanied by photos with Vera incredibly missed his beloved daughter Julia Nachalova.

      Fans of the singer, saw the touching photo, note the obvious fact that Julia and Faith are very close, mom and daughter trusting friendships.

      We will remind that Yulia Nachalova moved to another continent, leaving time in Russia, a daughter, Faith, for the sake of continuing a career in show business. The fact that the singer recently working closely with a famous American producer of Russian descent by Walter Afanasiev. A businessman residing in the city of Angels often visited to Russia. Recently, he was one of the mentors in the musical show “Main stage”. And now Yulia Nachalova works under the guidance of this producer. Recording Studio in Los Angeles has become a second home for the singer.

      Дочь Юлии Началовой пересекла океан ради встречи с мамой

      Settled also a singer in the mansion of his civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov. The house is located almost on the shore of the ocean, so Julia could draw inspiration while walking along the coast. Not so long ago, Yulia Nachalova received an invitation to become the leading on one of the channels of Los Angeles. Yulia Nachalova became a media personality in America

      The star appeared in the show “Our people in Hollywood”, which tells of overseas celebrities with Russian roots. According to Yulia Nachalova, she was flattered by the invitation and with great joy and inspiration began her career on American television.

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