Прохор Шаляпин обвинил Анну Калашникову в жестокой лжи According to the singer, his ex-girlfriend continues to play a show for PR. Prokhorov has said it is ready to adopt a little baby model, if it turns out that with him there is no one to do. The actor also wants to be left alone, because he put an end to relations with Anna.

      Прохор Шаляпин обвинил Анну Калашникову в жестокой лжи

      After the broadcast of the program “Let them talk” with Anna Kalashnikova journalists contacted her ex-lover Prokhor Chaliapin and asked to comment on his words model. Recall that she said that initially did not hide from the truth Chaliapin.

      Anna Kalashnikov admitted who the real father of her child

      In turn, the singer denies the information that Anne shared in the program. Prokhorov said that he was surprised and is still in shock after the words Kalashnikova. According to the artist, the girl is able to play on the audience, but she is mistaken if he thinks that all the audience believe her. Lie Kalashnikova is left to chance, but according to Prokhorov, they have nothing to do with reality. Anna, I’m sure Chaliapin, to such a PR campaign could think of, she has specialists, who tells her what to say.

      “The very least she had thought she had help. I thought it was all the details: from my love of “persistence” to my “vows” in front of her parents that I’m not going to touch the issue of paternity, because, in her opinion, these “trifles” are not worthy of discussion. I don’t have enough words to convey the extent of this insanity, it is so monstrous that defies review,” says Chaliapin.

      When Prokhorov watched the program with the participation of a former lover, he was stunned and was surprised at the number of people who unconditionally believed in the story of Anna. The singer calls the girls “play”. He’s not going to convince the audience that thinks he did a bad thing. Chaliapin sure Kalashnikova is just and necessary, because the model “PR” at his expense.

      The singer wants to be left alone and ceased to present a claim to it. According to the artist, Anna pursues its manic. After the results of the DNA test of the Kalashnikov called him with a proposal to sign a contract in which he had to confirm her words, to restore shattered reputation.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

      “I am silent because it hurts so painful that I can’t even talk about it. For me it’s not a game — it’s my life. I —not a subject which can be shake on the gear, I’m a real person who knows how to truly love, and who stomped on the woman I trusted most in the world. I still refuse most of the filming, I just want to sit at home and stare at the ceiling. I am one,” explains the singer.

      Chaliapin also made the confession that he is ready to become a father and has long dreamed of children and a peaceful family life without media attention and photo opportunities. If it turns out that Daniel no one to deal with, he will take him in and adopt.

      “Can’t imagine how Anna would look in the eyes of his son Daniel… If no deal, I’m willing to keep it and to adopt, because I have been dreaming about the children, about the quiet family, about a loving wife, without any press, gear, and photography. For me the issue with this woman is closed”, — the artist put an end to relations with Kalashnikova in an interview kp.ru.

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