Диана Гурцкая подарила Патриарху картину The singer gave Patriarch Kirill a canvas with pictures of flowers, which was created by students of the Perm school for children with visual impairment. The painting was a gift to a birthday party of a priest.

      Диана Гурцкая подарила Патриарху картину

      The singer has repeatedly proven that it is willing to lend a helping hand literally on demand, not in word but in deed. For example, ten years ago, 37-year-old actress has created its own charitable Foundation, the purpose of which was to support blind children. And recently, Diana Gurtskaya personally handed to Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on the picture, which was written by pupils of the Perm school for children with visual impairment. The canvas has become a valuable gift in celebration of the birthday of the clergyman, which took place in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

      Canvas depicting flowers Gurtskaya received from orphans while participating in the International charity festival “White cane”, where blind and visually impaired children perform in a duet with Russian pop stars.

      “I decided to give you a small part of kindness Perm children of the Patriarch. His Holiness was warmly received gift and blessed it and gave best wishes to the students of the school”, – has shared with “StarHit” the singer.
      Диана Гурцкая подарила Патриарху картину

      The singer has for many years been not only an honored artist of Russia, but also a member of the Public chamber. According to the star, in the solution to the problem with which the child has faced she need not pity, but support. This support tries to provide its Foundation. Diana sure vision loss is not a reason to give up. For example, in a recent interview the actress admitted that she dreams about a second child, and no doubt that is able to cope with all the hassle.

      Recall that from her husband, lawyer Peter Kucherenko, the singer met many years ago. In 2005, the couple got married, and in 2007 was born their first – born- son Constantine. Since then, Diana’s life became even more intense. In addition to the family, the artist also does not get tired to improve in his own work. Three years ago Gurtskaya, a diploma in the language of the blind, about to graduate in the music Department of the Institute of contemporary art. This education it was the second – in 1999 she graduated from the Gnesin music school” class of pop vocal.

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