The court sentenced the offenders Helena Fly

Суд вынес приговор обидчикам Елены Летучей Attacked the former leadership of “revizorro” has received a severe punishment. Elena Letuchaya and her crew have created a real precedent – the first time in our country, people convicted of trying to hinder the work of journalists.

      Суд вынес приговор обидчикам Елены Летучей

      The high-profile case about the attack on the former leading the popular program “Revizorro” Volatile Elena and her team. The court of Salekhard, and in this city and there was a terrible story, convicted offenders who accompanied Helena and her crew. One of the employees of the catering establishments of Salekhard for beating a team member of the program “Revizorro” was sentenced to conditional terms of imprisonment.

      Managing cafe “Victoria” sentenced to 2 years, café owner and one of the employees of the same institution was, respectively, 1.5 years and 6 months of imprisonment conditionally. It should be noted that this court decision created a precedent – for the first time in our country people will be punished for what they prevented the work of journalists.

      Суд вынес приговор обидчикам Елены Летучей

      We will remind, state of emergency happened just under a year ago, on August 8, when Elena Letuchaya was filming a story about the cafe “Victoria” city of Salekhard. The staff behaved very aggressively towards intruders. Employees first, in the categorical form has been banned to work in the cafe, and then pounced on the crew of “Revizorro” with his fists. In the attack one of the operators Valentin Gerasimov was in the hospital with the diagnosis closed cherepno-a brain trauma. Was also damaged survey equipment. And the leading program of Elena Fly after the incident, suffered a nervous breakdown, and she had to consult specialists and undergo rehabilitation course in one of clinics of Moscow.

      Fans of Helen Bat, who learned from her microblog news about the punishment her captors, and was unhappy that they got off with conditional sentences.

      “Cool, that case was decided! Sorry, what gave them conditional only,” “I’m in shock from the Victoria staff. Lena, you’re done!”, Probation? 1.5-2 years? Yes there for 6 years in a correctional colony should be. Tough!”, “We would have more penalty pretty!”, – share fans of teledive their views on the judgement.

      But Elena Volatile, it seems, the outcome of the litigation was satisfied. People show aggression towards those who are just doing their job, punished. And this is important.

      The very same Volatile these days busy pleasant troubles – not far off the wedding of TV presenter with her lover, businessman Yury Analogovym.

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