The daughter of singer Glory stripped on a foreign beach

Дочь певицы Славы оголилась на заграничном пляже Sasha shows striking figure during a holiday in Dubai. 18-year-old girl and her mother enjoying the warm sea and Sunny weather. They delight subscribers microblogging hot photos in swimsuit.

      Дочь певицы Славы оголилась на заграничном пляже

      Singer Fame, along with her daughter went on holiday to Dubai. Apparently, the family is very long prepared for the joint trip abroad. To do this, artist had a busy schedule that did not allow her to devote a lot of time with the family. The resort Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful beaches of the UAE. It was there, and spend most of the time the mother and daughter.

      “A great long-awaited vacation with my beloved maloletkoy” – said friends of the heir to the Glory of Alexander, laying out the with a relative.

      18-year-old daughter star showcases slender figure in a swimsuit with the top of-bandeau. Apparently before the trip to the hot edge of Sasha was actively engaged in fitness, as in the pictures it boasts the perfect abs. Members of the schoolgirl and her mother say that they are very similar to each other. “Classy girls”, “You are the best, happiness for you and your family” “How two sisters are close in age!” wrote the followers of Glory and Sasha.

      In one of the photos you can see how the back of the girl is decorated with a tattoo. Probably mother the heiress to get a henna painting on the body for the holidays. Singer Slava tries not deny anything to his daughter. So, at a party, the artist has allowed Sasha to drink a couple of glasses of wine, sparking condemnation from the witnesses.

      Daughter Glory tries not to take part in photo shoots where you want to strip naked. She admitted she was a bit shy like that. Besides, according to Sasha, she really want to be an actress, so she is making a great effort, engaging teachers, who are preparing her for entry to the University. Mom supports the aspirations of the heiress. As told Alexander “StarHit” in the family reigns understanding.

      “We have very good and close relationship. Not to say that we’re best friends, because she is a mother. We really love each other. She was always kind to communicate with me, so I think I grew up not spoiled girl,” admitted the girl.

      The daughter of the singer of Glory: “after Learning about my plans, mom began calling friends”

      Дочь певицы Славы оголилась на заграничном пляже

      For several months he lives with a young man Dmitry. She had a lot to learn, and to share responsibilities around the house. “Definitely I began to cook more. I bought a slow cooker, and with it all very simple. He pressed a button, and within an hour the soup is ready. As soon as I see the house of mud, immediately clean, so you do not spend the whole day. Learn to cook beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes in the pan, this is now my favorite. If Dima and I have dinner together, everyone cleans up after himself,” said the daughter of Fame.