Daria Pynzar has changed beyond recognition

Дарья Пынзарь изменилась до неузнаваемости The star of “House-2” told in an unusual frame in the microblog. Daria Pynzar posted in “Instagram” self portrait, which forced the followers to guess who is depicted in the photograph. The woman surprised the followers an unusual way.

      Dasha Pynzar surprised fans with a new black-and-white picture. On it the young mother posing with bulky earrings, collected hair and so-called “cat’s eyes”.

      Fans were not ready for such a fateful image of the beauty, after all, used to see her sweet and fragile with her hair. Perhaps that is why the followers did not immediately determine who is depicted in the photograph. Internet users have put forward dozens of versions, among whom were former colleagues Pynzar project, as well as the presenters and performers of our music.

      “Oh, Dasha, who is this? I can’t understand you or you have an older sister? As the quite there otherwise look, if you…”, “Like Dana Borisov. Or this is it?”, “Makeup as Buzova – no offense”, “it’s all in one face steel, no personality. I can not understand, who is this?” “Daria, be yourself! Looks not natural when a person is of itself something represents. Someone like…”, “Other… do Not understand even someone like me, Like the heroine of the film “mockingjay”, “Not found! Dashulka, you very well when hair is collected. Completely different!”, “Frosya Burlakova,” “Daria, you’re here to remind Elina Kamiren. Stay yourself, you’re so beautiful and the best!”, “Much has changed, of course. Here the Theme you like”, “Similar to Olesya Ermakova from “the Bachelor” in this photo”, “Olesya Malibu?” – wondered in the comments of the fans.

      Dasha, laying the Network, understand that it looks weird. Beauty shared experiences under the post. “Good morning! Like to be a woman for many reasons, but especially for the opportunity to be different. Thank you for such gorgeous pictures”.

      It should be noted that Pynzar periodically experimenting with appearance, both independently and resorting to the services of professional makeup artists. After that she shares with subscribers.

      “Made him Smokey. For the first time myself – I do not understand is or not? A little bit unusual. Used the technique of shading for the black crayon to eyes seemed to narrow. Was restorefile and eyeliner of the lower eyelid, more extending black beyond the borders of the mucosa. And added blue pigment to the center of the movable century,” wrote under the picture with the results of the transformation of Daria.

      By the way, many questions about the beauty and sense of style inspired the young mother to have a whole blog on this topic. There she demonstrates not only bold images, but also more familiar, tender. “Today I brought a whole box of pink eye shadow and lipsticks, I wanted to include on YouTube channel pink makeup. I tried, in my opinion, very fresh and spring-like, very good green eyes,” wrote the star.