Дочь певца Данко с ДЦП научилась смеяться

The singer Danko have the opportunity to rejoice over the younger daughter Agatha, who was born with a diagnosis of multicasts of the brain and cerebral palsy.

The girl who is still very actively as her health status, showed no emotion, began to smile.

Obviously, Agatha took a big step in its development.

Mama Agatha the active Internet user. At Facebook, she created a page dedicated to daughter – “Agatha is not guilty”, and constantly fills it with new photos, talking about these or other promotions on the way to recovery.

So, Natalia, Ustymenko (current wife Danko) published a photo with a smiling Agatha and shared joy in the comments: “Breakthrough!!! The shop tried different tweeters,and here!!! I have not yet managed to catch the moment, took a picture at the end of slania”))) Love the sounds.

We will remind, Alexander Fadeev (real name Danko) are in trouble with your child blames exclusively doctors.

According to the artist, at the right moment they simply did not have his wife needs help during childbirth.

The woman went into premature contractions and bleeding. When they came home the doctors she has lost four pints of blood and was on the verge of death. It began to operate almost in the hallway of the hospital because the baby inside was suffocating.

Earlier Danko wished sati Casanova, burn in hell.