Настасья Самбурская проиграла суд о связи с несовершеннолетним

Trial Nastasya Samburski against her minor lover ended with the defeat of the actress.

The court satisfied the claim of the star of “Univer” on protection of honor and dignity, and invasion of privacy. The harm the time required to recover from holding “news media”, in particular publication Super.ru (which spoke about the novel Samburski with minors 2.5 million rubles and 150 thousand rubles at the expense of litigation expenses, as well as 2.5 million rubles with the family of her former child lover.

According to witnesses present in the courtroom Anastasia Terekhova (real name Samburski) was behaving strangely, and even in some moments neadekvatno.

The actress demanded that his defence counsel at any price, often its claims were passed on to the Creek. Also went to the mother and the boyfriend of Nikita, which, in fact, started the fuss.

A woman almost twice as old as itself, Samburski, and all swore, in a whisper sending the mother of a former boyfriend “three letters”.

Recall that in July last year, Nastasia noticed selfies of a handsome young man. Samburski began a correspondence with him. Thus, it is fair to say that the age of the young man she asked. He answered this question by deception, writing that he was 19 years old, not 16.

Says Nikita, a relationship of an intimate nature with Nastasia, he had. Only here the actress his guilt in no way recognized, as was originally deceived.