Антонио Бандерас признался в любви бывшей жене Мелани Гриффит

Marriage charming couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas broke up last year.

The Union of this Hollywood couple have lasted almost 20 years. But once the actors have decided to let go of each other and go our separate ways.

The husband and wife were able to settle all the issues without accusing each other and part friends.

Almost a year after the divorce, Antonio decides to talk again about his “ex”. Banderas admits that still loves Melanie.

“We broke up with Melanie’s friends continue to chat, talk on the phone almost every day, I loved her, love and will love. Melanie is a beautiful creature, and so she remains for me forever,” Banderas says the sexy.

By the way, despite the fact that Griffith is a very successful actress, with financial support from the husband in the divorce, she refused. Now Banderas ex-wife pays 65 thousand dollars a month. Most likely, the money goes to the maintenance of their common daughter Stella del Carmen.