Мила Кунис и Эштон Катчер рассекретили пол ребёнка

The youngest child of a Hollywood couple Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher have to be born from week to week, and we still are guessing who will have little Wyatt is a brother or a sister.

But chatty insiders, as always, are unable to hold the suspense until the birth of the heir of celebrities and announced that Mila and Ashton will have a son. The actor and actress secretly hoped that they would be a boy and was very happy to know that fate will give them a son.
“Before Ashton and Mila found out the sex of the baby, they told everyone will be happy and the second girl, but in fact, they sincerely hoped it was a son. The day when the ultrasound confirmed it, they were insanely happy. Ashton love Wyatt, but always wanted a son and I am sure that they will have a special bond. Because he himself is immature – loves cars and all sorts of gadgets, so it with your son is always something to do” — said the insider.