A pregnant Janet Jackson showed belly

Беременная Джанет Джексон продемонстрировала живот

Sister of the deceased pop king Michael Jackson singer Janet Jackson, who announced her pregnancy and even interrupted a planned world tour in April this year, for the first time appeared in public after reporting the good news. Under the dress free cut already seen the rounded belly of the actress, and skeptics who did not believe in her pregnancy together stopped.

Беременная Джанет Джексон продемонстрировала живот
Janet was spotted at one of the boutiques in London. Beside her were her bodyguard and assistant, and two people s her inner circle. It seems that Janet was busy shopping and decided to relax a bit. Eyewitnesses said that one of the satellites opened up the door, and then sat at the table. Store employees locked the door from the inside – obviously, it was assumed individual service star of the highest magnitude.

After Janet went to the Department of children’s things and asked about wheelchairs. The expectant mother left the Mall after a few hours in good spirits and huge shopping bags.
Recall that for a 50-year-old singer and her 41-year-old husband Wissam al Mana, this child will be born first. In April, Janet said that interrupts his tour to give attention to his family. It seemed strange, after this tour Jackson was preparing for so long. When it became aware of the pregnancy Janet, everything fell into place. Rumor has it that the baby is due in December this year, but the parents have not made any official statements.