The daughter of Sergei Bezrukov teething

У дочери Сергея Безрукова режутся зубки
The actor called sleepless nights spent at the bedside of the little girl, “great fatigue”.

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: Instagram

Sergey Bezrukov sincerely believes that fatigue happens
beautiful. And the actor can understand. After all, the last time he spent a lot of nights
because his daughter Masha began teething.

“Tour in Germany came to an end! — says Sergey. Now
a little rest! In recent years, among fans, goes the view, say,
look droopy. My dear, I wish you all a great fatigue! Sleepless
night… my Daughter… we Have began teething. Already two erupted! All the parents I
Oh how I understand. This is happiness!”

Recall, Bezrukov,
despite the busy work, trying not to miss a single minute of growing up
lovely girl. Going on tour in Germany with his wife Anna
Mathison, the actor has decided to take and daughter. For Mary this was the first
a trip to Europe.

In the microblog Sergey has appeared the made in Hanover.
Wife took a picture of the actor, walking with a stroller. “Tomorrow at eight
the one-man show “life, theatre, and film”… First tour with Mary! To
meeting my dear, good!” — wrote Sergey.