Дочь Ким Кардашьян и Канье Уэста дала свое первое интервью

4-year-old daughter stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gave his first life in an interview for a glossy magazine. The girl starred along with a star mother for the cover of Interview magazine and with her help, told journalists about his life, relationship with your parents and study in their spare time.

Дочь Ким Кардашьян и Канье Уэста дала свое первое интервью

Interviewers the girls were not professional journalists. and the children of celebrities who asked questions, suitable the girl’s age. Was engaged in the survey children Cindy Crawford, boys Britney Spears, a young star of the series “a Very strange case,” Millie Bobby brown and cousin North Penelope. Also joined the interview and daughter Kourtney Kardashian. The editors also decided to dream, and asked questions that would be of interest to Andy Warhol, who founded the publication.

The girl asked a list of simple questions. Favorite song and hit the girl pointed out the creation of her dad Kanye West — Amazing. On the question of favorite color the girl said purple. The girl told me that her favorite heroine finds Princess Jasmine from the cartoons of Walt Disney. The dish that the North could eat non-stop, cheese pizza. But the column “Best friend” a little girl Kim Kardashian stated of her mother, from what readers have come to delight.

Дочь Ким Кардашьян и Канье Уэста дала свое первое интервью

Journalists asked Nort, as she treats one-year-old brother to the St and how it plays, what the girl said, “I give him a toy truck and a big bear”. Girl loves to share with little toys and nursed him. It tells the North, friends nicknamed her “Babs”.

During a conversation with his cousin, she was allowed to spend the night at her house with the puppy! Moreover, the girls will be baking a rainbow cake for the princesses.

Soon it was time for the question from Andy Warhol, responding to what North told that she already knows how to do her nails. Babe takes toys in her purse and a little makeup.

For the interview, mother and daughter turned into Jackie Kennedy and her young daughter. Makeup artists and stylists created the image of girls, stylized 60s. Shoot for a popular glossy magazine was made by famous photographer Steven Klein. The work of the journal was quite the whole family, but some of the fans noticed that Kim looked like a real African-American because of artificial tanning. And some were offended that the Kardashian compared with the great first lady.

Together with her daughter, gave an interview and Kim, which is not the first year is a party of his own show, successfully launched its own line of cosmetics called “KKW” and even has a mobile app!

“It is impossible for me to say that I work little. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t play movie. But I’m not lazy,” admitted Kim.

The star told Interview that was previously allowed myself too much to confide about his personal life. Now the girl tries to hide superfluous details of life. Her husband, Kanye West not infrequently helps the star with the image and selection of outfits, because he is designers your clothing line.