Андрей Чуев готов для пополнения в семье

Former member of the scandalous TV show “House 2” has already prepared the material ground for the future of the family with his beloved 19-year-old Victoria. The businessman said that with the completion of the family pull is not going to, because everything is ready, and beloved grandmother.

Андрей Чуев готов для пополнения в семье

A former resident of the “House 2” was found with his lover Victoria a couple of months, but is serious and ready to have the whole family with a young girl. In July, the guy introduced his fiancee with his grandmother, who is the closest relative.

“Today officially introduced the Granny with Vic! Approved, said not to beat. Today in my grandmother’s boarding house in valuyevo was a performance violinist, said, “Nicely played, the parasite,” said Andrew in his social network profile.

But before you get your child, the couple is going to formalize their relationship. “Movement is life! My Victoria move towards the creation of a full family! Prepare, so to say, to my son. Some friends have ponencia and just decided — it’s time!” — Chuev said to his followers.

Андрей Чуев готов для пополнения в семье

The guy knows to work it takes a lot of effort and time, but considers himself Chuev is for the best. “I live in Naro-Fominsk, five apartments there, for the first time will suffice. A lot of work, don’t even really have time to page. Yes, not without trouble, of course, not everything is smooth and sweet, but this is the life! I wish all of you, not afraid of difficulties, and to solve them on a rolling basis”, admits to his readers Andrew.

Of course, the big difference in age couples resonated with the fans. The majority believes that they are a lovely couple and I wish you guys happiness. But others argue that starting a family with a girl old enough to be his daughter is not right. But Victoria pays no attention to haters and those who do not believe in the sincerity of their relationship. Moreover, the girl told that her beloved, she had to earn it. Chuev behaves like a “daddy” for the girls, and she does not mind pretending to be his “daughter”. They see a special charm in such relationships.

“To be his girlfriend, I have to earn it. I think to send him on all four sides, but he forbids me to do it. Although, frankly, “daddy” (as he calls himself) I like it. I have never had any pages in social networks, “daddy” said we will conduct one to two. Now my posts will appear here until I learn to my page,” she wrote on the page of your choice.