Дочь актера Дмитрия Исаева открыла кулинарную лавку Sophia decided to realize a dream. The heiress star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” was engaged in private business. Despite the fact that the Pope tried to dissuade her from the idea, she was able to insist on.
Дочь актера Дмитрия Исаева открыла кулинарную лавку

Star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” do not worry about the future – at least Dmitry hungry will not stay. Recently, the heiress of the artist, 22-year-old Sophia, has opened a cozy cafe with home cooking in the South of St. Petersburg.

“When dad found out what I want to do business, was against this idea – says the “StarHit” Isayev. – Repeated: “It is a huge responsibility! You should rest more and not to waste the day and night in his culinary shop!” Our team of four – me and my friends, we have not abandoned the dream. The more each of them already have startup, so to open another diner – a trifling matter.

For several months I pondered the question: what original can do in St. Petersburg? And then he realized: it is necessary, as in Europe, to build a small cafe, where people will not only eat, but also to take the finished dish home. Almost immediately the name born – Homie foods”.
Дочь актера Дмитрия Исаева открыла кулинарную лавку

For the realization of dreams into reality took two months: Sophia worked out the details of the concept, thought through the design of the interior.

Дочь актера Дмитрия Исаева открыла кулинарную лавку“Cabinets, tables – all the furniture of the author, instead of chairs – swing – continues Sonia. We opened recently, but already got the guests that visit us constantly, are celebrating their birthdays. I now operate, and the guys keep the books and other finances. By the way, dad also stopped by, looked at what I did. Kitchen liked him. However, he hinted to the boys and to the General menu added vegetarian recipes”.

Beloved Sophia Oleg also works in a similar field. Despite the fact that he received higher education in the United States, the young man decided to leave his studies. The daughter of Dmitry Isaev: “After a quarrel with her boyfriend ran to the father”

“Oleg is now back in Petersburg, took a leave of absence. Here he has his own start – up business grocery delivery service. Itself next year, get a diploma, so we are considering the possibility to travel in the States and in Europe. He will continue to learn, I go to work. However, mom does not know about our plans, and dad says, “Why not? Go.” But it’s all a dream until you make it”, – said Isaeva “StarHit”.