Михаил Пореченков продолжает разоблачать «Битву экстрасенсов» The actor once again made a loud statement. Mikhail Porechenkov said that actually happened during the filming of the popular show “Battle of psychics.” He’s not afraid to share the details of the work on the program.
Михаил Пореченков продолжает разоблачать «Битву экстрасенсов»

Famous actor Mikhail Porechenkov has appeared on the project “fight of psychics” as the lead. The audience saw him on the screens from the first to the seventh season. But then his place was taken by another artist, Marat Basharov. Porechenkov did not hide from journalists the reason stopped work in the popular TV show. Michael hinted that he was disappointed in the show.

“In the beginning the work was very interesting. Came across these participants, such instances! But this is the first seasons. We truly believe. And then we realized the technology works… Because there are people that they suggest, which conclude contracts with them in advance… And when everyone realized that someone brings the money – from that moment I left,” admitted the actor.
Михаил Пореченков продолжает разоблачать «Битву экстрасенсов»

Despite the fact that the audience can see how psychics are tested, and many heroes program thank you for the information misleading mediums, Michael has in this respect own opinion. He said that he had arranged a kind of “baptism”, which failed, none of the clairvoyants.

“But there were moments when the participants understand something. Although none of the psychics could not stand that test, which I came to them. I will not say what is a test – but none survived. The winners are not the winners…” said Michael.

This is not the first time Porechenkov revealed his version of what happened on the set from the first to the seventh season of the popular show. Even in spring on one of the radio stations he called all the ongoing lies. However, some former participants of the program felt that Michael made such a statement only from the fact that moved away from the television. Mikhail Porechenkov miraculously survived after the scandal with the “Battle of psychics”

Colleague Porechenkova Stanislav Sadalsky expressed the view that the former lead of the “Battle of psychics” shouldn’t be so harsh in his statements about people with extraordinary abilities. However, Michael admitted to the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that not all are endowed with such a gift.

“If God gives you a vision, it is only the people who are in the feat – the service of God. Prayer, the refusal of many things. With TV it’s not very compatible”, – concluded the artist.