Talking about a secret wedding for Kate moss

В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу Кейт Мосс On the ring finger of the models appeared ring. Kate moss and her partner Nikolai von Bismarck Dating for about two years. Last year the man made model hand and heart, but at that time she was still married.
В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу Кейт Мосс

The media widely discuss the secret wedding famous model Kate moss. According to rumors, the 43-year-old model married a 30-year-old Nikolai von Bismarck. This conclusion journalists have made, having on the ring finger of the left hand ring for women. Jewelry with black stone noticed on one of the Premier theatre in London. Now many believe that Kate’s married lover.

However, the lovers themselves do not comment on rumors about changes in his personal life. About the engagement pair became known a year ago. Then the great-grandson of the first Chancellor of Germany Otto von Bismarck was vacationing with a famous model in Venice. After dinner in the restaurant, the man fell to one knee before the woman and gave her a ring. As it turned out, the host institution is closely monitoring the pair, and therefore was aware of their future plans. He told me that Kate and Nicholas want to get married in a little Church in Venice. The man noticed that the moss is literally awash in love chosen.

However, at the time the lovers could not marry because the woman was legally married to musician Jamie Hinz. Despite the fact that the mannequin was married, she did not consider it a hindrance for the device personal life. With her husband she was familiar four years before he took her down the aisle. Despite the fact that the couple dreamed about children, they do not have time to get heirs. For the sake of the future baby model even broke up with addictions. However, this is not helped moss become a mother for the second time.

Now the woman brings 15-year-old daughter Lila grace. The girl is also making moves in the modeling business involved in fashion shooting and even appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue magazine. However, when the girl starred together with the famous mom. Rumor has it that Lila gets along fine with the current choice of a mother and the man, in turn, was ready to make any sacrifice, to win over a teenage girl.