The dancing millionaire visited Moscow

Танцующий миллионер побывал в Москве

The Italian Gianluca Vacca, known as the dancing millionaire, arrived in Moscow for participation in the show “Let them talk”.

Dance video on instagram just a couple of months has made a Gianluca Vacca (Gianluca Vacchi) known throughout the world. On the network know him as the dancing millionaire, and his account is being watched by 5.4 million people. Last weekend, the Italian together with his wife Gabriele GA (Giorgia Gabriele) arrived in Moscow to talk about your successes in the show “Let speak” on “the First channel”.

The release of the program will also show a billionaire’s house where he lives in Italy: the show’s host Andrei Malakhov has previously visited the Vacca.

“Such excitement as the visit of “the dancing millionaire”, I haven’t seen for a long time. People in the restaurant jumped from their seats and hugged and kissed him as my own… Gianluca Vacca — new symbol of Italian-Russian friendship… PS it houses, cars, boats, a collection of paintings next week at “Let them talk”,” Malakhov signed with the Italian in instagram.

The premiere broadcast will take place this week. Gianluca and his wife have already left the Russian capital.