Dmitry Shepelev used the handwriting of Jeanne Friske in his book

Дмитрий Шепелев использовал почерк Жанны Фриске в своей книге Graphologist recreated the writing style of the late singer. The inscription will adorn the book of journalist, which will soon be available in bookstores. The work of Dmitry Shepelev is called “Jeanne. Love and disease in the history of the life of Jeanne Friske”.

      Very soon on the shelves of bookstores will appear the book “Jeanne. Love and disease in the history of the life of Jeanne Friske”, written by her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev. In the work of the TV reporter told about how he loved the famous singer, and how they together tried to overcome her illness. The Network has already appeared a black-and-white cover of the novelty. For illustration was chosen as one of the rare pictures of Joan, have not been appearing in the media. The title of the book written handwriting Friske, who recreated the graphologist at the request Shepeleva.

      In the beginning of the narrative, Dmitry left line of the epigraph, in which he described a brief content of the work and told about how Zhanna Friske became known and beloved singer in patient Oncology clinics. He remembered how Jeanne reported that she has a glioblastoma.

      “Bright life of the singer Zhanna Friske, filled with love and peace in one moment dashed diagnosed with cancer, turning the favorite of millions from a symbol of beauty in the patient, the health of which is closely followed by the whole world. To hurt hard. Ache under scrutiny is unbearable. This book is about the Russia’s first public, albeit involuntary, the experience of confronting the disease, the dignity and force with which the fragile Janna took a deadly battle. I very much hope that this book will be useful to those who are struggling or helping himself close. Will be able to support those who are desperate and, perhaps, inspire faith in the miracle of salvation. This book is about the test of the disease, about how it changes the rainbow and familiar world. About resistance. And, of course, is a love story, without which any battle would have little meaning,” wrote Shepelev.

      According to the presenter, working on the book helped him to overcome the pain and bitterness he felt after the death of the woman. Work Shepeleva dedicated to Jeanne, will go on sale in late November this year. According to primary circulation will be approximately 20,000 copies. The publisher promised to print more books if the demand is too high.

      Dmitry Shepelev admitted in the book that he often tells his son Platon to her mother. “In the most unexpected moments, you realize how much I miss you. What a pity now you’re not around. I tell you about my son, and he listens carefully. He knows your voice, knows your face and smile. And I know you, in detail, a turn of the head, the tips of his fingers, laughing. And from this know that love is alive without the presence of. It’s just there,” – said the journalist.