Танцующий миллионер: теперь и в красных труселях!

49-year-old Italian Gianluca Vacca will not calm down, the businessman is ready to dance even shorts, just the glory of not to lose.

A week ago the millionaire blew up the Internet by their rousing dances. And Russian men are not left out. Oleg Gazmanov caused Wakka in battle and proved that at 65 he is much better.

And as our Vladislav Doronin 53 rests in the surf, standing on his head restaurateur Arkady Novikov in 54 years! In General, challenged the popularity of the Italian smashed to smithereens. Also plastic surgeons hinted that he asked for. Could not stand Wakka said!

Without thinking, hot Italian macho decided to dance. And to blow them away, to Flex its muscles almost naked in some slinky red swimsuit. Any way jealous of the popularity of red pants Dmitry Peskov. Ay-ay-ay, spying is bad!

However, spicy video Gianluca turned out that is necessary. In less than a day more than 2 million views!

Scary to think what the cashier picks the Vacca, if you take all. Fit is the feature film release. This movie certainly will not fail at the box office.

SWIMMING IN THE AIR #gvlifestyle

Video posted by Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) Aug 4 2016 10:14 PDT

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