Муж певицы Жасмин вернулся к семье
The singer has been a nightmare.

Jasmine children: Myron and Margaret

Photo: Instagram.com

The last month was for the singer Jasmine real nightmare. In late June, her husband Ilan Shor was arrested for 30 days from-for suspicions in money fraud. At this time, the singer was left alone with two children, the youngest of whom was not yet four months. That husband finally returned home Jasmine said in his microblog.

“I am boundlessly happy that my husband and the father of my children Ilan Shor is again close to family. We were looking forward to this day together next to the final proof of his innocence!” she said. In addition, she expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that not all surrounded by her family remained on the side of Ilana after the incident. As it turned out, former partners did not miss the chance to take advantage of the situation. However, it seems that the worst is left behind for the singer.

By the way, Jasmine from the first day of her husband’s arrest did not believe in his involvement put forward by the Moldovan authorities charges. Recall that initially Ilan was detained for three days, but later the arrest was extended for 30 days. “I hope in three days
Ilana let go because of the grounds for detention was not. Now we don’t even
they say that in connection with what has arrested my husband, ” said Jasmine. We are all in shock! I am now in Chisinau
together with her daughter and newborn son and struggling to support her husband”.

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