Танцующий миллионер Джанлука Вакки счастлив признанию в России The man thanked the journalists “StarHit” for the interest to the person. Video of the dancing millionaire spread all over the Internet. In the frame of the Italian businessman appears with his wife, who along with demonstrates the joy of life.

      Танцующий миллионер Джанлука Вакки счастлив признанию в России

      Dancing Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacca of spread all over the Internet. The man has posted short videos of their own vacation with his wife and friends. However, simple movements of the entrepreneur is not indifferent to Internet users. Numerous publications also could not ignore such a runaway success businessman.

      “StarHit” published the first interview with the wife of a millionaire dancing for the Russian edition, which caused an increased interest among readers. Wife dancing millionaire from Italy: “He is the perfect man!”

      Gianluca himself is not left out and was glad that became famous in our country.

      “Sorry, I don’t speak Russian, but anyway, thank you,” commented the entrepreneur an interview with his wife.

      For the Italian millionaire was a very amazing fact that now his blog is enjoying unprecedented popularity for his life being followed around three million subscribers who are happy to see how the entrepreneur spends his free time. Initially, however, the Vacca did not aspire to popularity.

      “I decided to conduct its own “Instagram”, to prove that you can succeed, even if you’re a funny moron. And I like to destroy the bourgeois image that is formed around the wealthy in Italy,” is the way the Vacca describes their attitude to the image that it creates through the social network.

      In many videos the company dances the First is his wife Gabriele GA, which is much younger.

      “We really eighteen years difference, but believe me, I don’t feel it, because he’s actually a boy in your soul. And Gianluca is a young body, he trains for two hours every day. But we have one problem – everything else, he has the imagination of a child, but I’m happy to play along with him. Actually, I think that age is more a psychological state, which depends on how the person relates to life”, – admitted the wife of Vacca.

      Main activities Gianluca is that he runs a manufacturing company of trailers, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the company, which produces equipment for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, he is also a very creative person. Not so long ago he released his own book called Enjoy, which can be translated as “Enjoy”. The phenomenon of its popularity of Vacca explains that he’s rich, leads a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as takes pleasure in each lived day.

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