Линдсей Лохан раскрыла ужасающие подробности отношений с миллионером After the fight, the actress admitted that she doesn’t feel safe. Lindsay Lohan was frankly told, how to treat her lover Egor Tarabasanu. For nine months she had experienced with aggressive behavior of his chosen.

      About the novel of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan and Russian millionaire Yegor Tarabarova talking back in March. The actress does not get tired to show the fans feelings for the new boyfriend. Couple having a lovely time together – traveled to various countries and enjoyed passionate love to each other. Russian boyfriend provides Lindsay Lohan luxurious life

      Recently, however, Lohan began to Express dissatisfaction with the relationship with the chosen one. After journalists noticed on the beach that Yegor twists the hand of his beloved, the Hollywood star admitted that she has a problem with anger millionaire.

      “I realized that no relationship can continue despite the feelings. No woman should endure beatings and stay with a man who is not even willing to apologize,” – said Lohan.

      Relationship 30-year-old Hollywood actress and 23-year-old millionaire seemed to many fans of the fairy tale. However, disturbing reports about Lohan that beloved was trying to kill her, excited the public. “He tried to strangle me! He almost killed me! I pray, please help! Let everyone know about it! You have no right to do that. You have repeatedly raised your hand to me and wanted to strangle me. You’re a damn psychopath! You need a doctor! I don’t love you anymore. It’s over, get out of my house!” such screams were heard by neighbors after the conflict, Egor and Lindsay.

      The actress decided to talk about the details of that night to stop the numerous rumours that appear around their pairs. “Egor and I went to dinner. We had fun, danced. Then we returned home, prepared to sleep, Yegor left. After a few hours he returned. When I woke up, he was standing next to me. It as a substitute, he was very aggressive and attacked me,” admitted Lohan.

      Now the actress is worried about the fact that can make Egor, both with her and with himself. Moreover, the Hollywood star admitted that this happened during the relationship with Tarasovym.

      “The problem is that this happened not for the first time. But this time I saw a stranger. I didn’t call anybody. I just left the house,” recalled the actress.

      After a nine month relationship with a millionaire celebrity is not, which can lead to their romance. The actress dreams about her marriage and the birth of four heirs and it is recognized that Egor wanted to start a family. “I really fell in love with him, but he broke my trust and makes you feel in danger. I understand that I’m no angel, but I’m trying. I offered to go to couples counseling. But the time came when in the first place to think about family and my career,” Lohan said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

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