The culprit of Lexus and Vova played the organizer of the Eurovision song contest 2017

Пранкеры Лексус и Вован разыграли организатора Евровидения 2017

Famous Russian pranker Alexey Stolyarov, Vladimir Kuznetsov, known under the aliases Lexus and unknown, played the organizer of the Eurovision 2017 Ingrid Deltenre. During the meeting, allegedly on behalf of Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman comedians learned that there is a real threat of the transfer of the international music competition in another country.

Пранкеры Лексус и Вован разыграли организатора Евровидения 2017
The media wanted to find out whether the European broadcasting Union (EBU) is ready to punish Ukraine to host the competition this year, for the failure of the security Service of Ukraine on the territory of the country the Russian representative at the Eurovision song contest 2017 Julia Samoylova. Recall that the neighboring country closed the entrance to the singer in a wheelchair for three years due to the fact that in 2015 the made in the annexed Crimea.

The organizers of the competition although they said previously that they will take any decision in the Ukraine, was very unhappy with this development. In EBU, apparently assumed that the outcome will be different and as an exception Samilova still allowed in Kiev. Mrs. Deltenre even wrote an open letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman. It warned him that if the Ukrainian authorities will not allow entry Samoilova on the territory of Ukraine, the country may be suspended from participation in the next contests.
The culprit has not yet tell the details of the conversation, but I assure you that the position of Mrs. Deltenre was very tough and “rigorous in relation to Ukraine.” Lexus said that they were the first who communicated with representatives of the European broadcasting Union, and after – with the Ukrainian authorities. Men wanted to bring the heard point to Kiev, because they “do not understand the gravity of the situation” and don’t want to know about possible sanctions against Ukraine.
It is noteworthy that on 31 March, the EBU representative said that any sanctions against Ukraine because of the prohibition of entry Samoilova will not.