Melanie Griffith said that she was forced to leave Banderas and to go under the surgeon’s knife

Мелани Гриффит рассказала, что её заставило бросить Бандераса и лечь под нож пластического хирурга

One time Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas seemed to be the strongest couple in Hollywood. These two have been together for almost 20 years, but all of a sudden announced that there was passion faded and, therefore, their marriage has ceased to exist. Divorce papers the couple issued very quickly, with no claims to each other, thanking each other for the happy years.

In conversation with journalists of The Times, she said that prompted her to divorce from Banderas: “One of the reasons our marriage has ceased to exist… Because I felt stuck. Just stuck. And I wanted to enjoy life and do what I want to do. For the time that has elapsed since our separation, I never met. I’m very shy with men and very reserved”.

By the way, one of your best friends Melanie, Kris Jenner, and often tries to bring in Griffith with a new man, but each of these attempts fail.

But marriage with Banderas, Melanie journalists and told about plastic surgery: “I did the first surgery about 20 years ago, because I was afraid to grow old. And I hated everything that happened to me then. I realized that abused the plastic, when he heard offensive remarks in his address. The people said, “Oh my God, what did she do!” I was so hurt to hear that… I went to another doctor, and he began to fix what made the previous surgeon. It was awful!”.