Создатель Рэмбо унижен новым фильмом со Сильвестром Сталлоне

David Morrell is a famous writer who gave the world the character of John Rambo. He visited the premiere of the film “Rambo: Last blood” and negatively expressed in the address pattern makers.

Создатель Рэмбо унижен новым фильмом со Сильвестром Сталлоне

He admitted that after leaving the cinema, I felt only shame, because it relates to this franchise. And also added that his name was disgraced everyone who was involved in the creation of the film.

Project “Rambo: Last blood” has become popular at the box office, he occupies an honorable third place and inferior to leadership positions only “Downton Abbey” and “To the stars”. But after the world premiere, critics rendered more negative reviews of the film. A rating among users of the Internet also leaves much to be desired, so at the moment the fighter has only 28% positive reviews. Even this result is considered too high and associate it only with what in the film is the film legend.

David Morrell fully agree with the users on the network, and in his Twitter he wrote: “the Film is stupid, it’s embarrassing that my name is associated with him.”

The author of the first novel about Rambo commented on his words to journalists: “Leaving the cinema, I felt humiliation. Instead to make a spiritual film, it is completely deprived of soul. It seemed to me that I became less human, seeing him. This is a big failure.”

David also took on the responsibility of the assured to declare that the younger generation, seeing this picture, most likely did not even understand what is happening in the film and why. Best of all, he stressed, this is the first minute of the plot, that they were intriguing and promising.

The plot of “Rambo: Last blood” is tied to rescue the kidnapped girls, for which the main character illegally crosses the U.S. border and Mexico. The author of the script by Sylvester Stallone, the assistant was Matthew Siryulnik.

Budget action movie made 50 million dollars, currently in the rental collected 18.8 million. It is too early to judge the failure, time will tell if I can the picture be recouped and a return on investment.

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