Селена Гомес призналась, что была «ботаном» в школе

Селена Гомес призналась, что была «ботаном» в школе

Selena Gomez recently become so blatant that tells about himself and about his friends a lot. She appeared on the new podcast friend raquelle Stevens and told that she is some kind of rebel to your team.

Selena Gomez appeared in the first episode of the new podcast BFF Raquelle Stevens Giving Back Generation together with his friends Ashley and Courtney cook (Barry) Lopez, and conversation was about their circle of friendship and trust. This allowed the 27-year-old singer become really Frank, since she was with the people who know her like no other. She made amazing confessions, which many fans do not even know.

Селена Гомес призналась, что была «ботаном» в школе

For example, Selena admitted that she’s a rebel “I am the chief troublemaker in the group. I like to do interesting things, innocent pranks and I feel it adds some flavor to our friendship”, she said. “I like the reaction of my friends that I get after I throw a new trick, I especially love the reaction of Ashley. It’s so funny. I love their performances and their art, but also adventure I love no less.”

Then Selena said that she wasn’t always like this. When she went to school, she never made friends and always kept to themselves, and if not for her cousin who was a cheerleader, “I would just peck” — she said. The time that Selena might devote to friends, she was dedicated to school, that classmates called her “the nerd”. Soon parents Selena realized how hard she has and move her to home schooling.

Today’s artist that I’m very glad that she has such loyal friends like Ashley and Courtney, what a clever saying on social networks.

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