Суд разорит Ди Каприо за клевету в фильме

The Hollywood actor opened a criminal case on the film “the Wolf of wall street” where he played a major role and acted as the producer.

And if he can’t justify himself in court, he faces a fine of several million dollars…

The prosecution of Leo as a producer has nominated Andrew green – a childhood friend and a former colleague of broker Jordan Belfort, which was filmed “the Wolf of wall street”. According to Greene, the crew was illegally copied from an image of a minor character Nikki Koskoff, played by actor P. J. Byrne, and showed it as “criminal” and “degenerate”.

“Scenes in the film, the character Andrew Greene are false and are ruining his reputation,” reads the lawsuit.

For libel the plaintiff demands from the producers Riza Aziz, Joey Mcfarland, Emma, Tillinger, Leonardo DiCaprio and other filmmakers compensation for moral damages in the amount of $15 million.

When will the court hearing, not yet reported. The film’s producers also did not comment on the news.

The film “the Wolf of wall street”, recall, was released in 2013. In the center of the story – the real story of a former broker convicted of fraud, Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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