Беременная Собчак набирается сил в Италии

The media personality decided that an interesting position – not a reason to abandon pleasures, and went to the land of lasagna and pizza.

It seems that never before Sobchak was not as popular as in the past few weeks. I became aware of his wife’s pregnancy Vitorgan, journalists watching her every move. Moreover, get accustomed to every outfit… And suddenly the tummy will be more!

But Sobchak, it seems, is not going to have routine future moms. The other day, along with his girlfriend Nika Belotserkovskaya star TV presenter went to Italy.

Program in the sunshine with friends rich.

“Came to celebrate the anniversary of one very old friend” – shares with the fans of the city of Xenia, Ohio.

Nick, in turn, said: “Three days in Rome with intolerable cultural programme – fighting anniversary, the comrade gave us “Ah!”. Brief synopsis: Longing, Kissin, Bocelli, Collegiate, Demure…”

Intrigue. Still one solid plot. Only yesterday, 16 June, star presenter gave hope, commenting on her pregnancy… (read more HERE).

But no. Details interesting position Xenia is still dark to us…

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