Больной ВИЧ Чарли Шин напал на своего врача

Dr. Samir Charcoa suspects that a former patient decided to take revenge on him for publicity disease of the actor.

Dr. Samir Charcoa, the same specialist who in January of this year stated that treated Hollywood actor Charlie sheen from HIV, and became one of the reasons for his official statement about his illness. In Mexico, the doctor was attacked by unknown persons in masks, took the phone and brutally beat him.

“They promised to make me a shot of syringe with blood infected with HIV. Then they continued to beat me,” said the doctor.

Charcoa convinced that the bandits unleashed Charlie sheen, it confirms the note with the name of the famous actor, that found the criminals. The injured health worker has already sent a statement to the police.

According to the medical worker, criminals were discussing among themselves that it is impossible to beat the victim to death, because then they will not receive money. The note, which Charcoa went to the police, it was said that the bandits were going to restore justice, and it provided the name Charlie sheen.

We will remind, in January of this year, during the broadcast program “The Dr. Oz Show,” Charlie told me that he received treatment in the United States, but then found a doctor in Mexico. Soon came an interview with doctor Samir Charcoa, who claimed that he is the magic doctor who’ll heal Bus. The proof that the actor is healthy, Charcoa injected himself with the blood of the famous patient. Shin considered this action inappropriate and stopped treatment from a physician.

Today the actor is in favour of safe sex and involved in various activities for promotion of contraception. In the beginning, he tried to stop at the time of treatment, to understand how his body will accept the rejection of medicines. Judging by the recent photos of the Bus with a charity reception in new York, his condition improved.

“I want to see if I can handle my condition without drugs. I imagined myself something of a lab rat. But, of course, I do not advise anyone to follow my example. This is just my personal decision!” – said Shin.

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