Johnny Depp refused to testify about the beating heard

Джонни Депп отказался давать показания об избиении Херд

“Pirate of the Caribbean” suddenly decided to settle the conflict with his beloved without a trial.

The thing about beating his missus Depp, actress amber heard, was delayed considerably. First, amber went to the police with the pictures where her face is painted with bruises.

And after the witnesses, in particular the guard house, said that the actress is lying. They say, these days this hot blond was at the parade, and the bruises and the speech could not be. And here’s a new twist! Depp refused to give evidence in court under oath.

At the next hearing, the lawyer of the stars Laura Wasser took the floor and asked to postpone the hearing, writes In the end, the meeting was rescheduled for August.

According to rumors, johnny was so afraid of cross-examination, that he agreed to the automatic renewal of the injunction according to which he can’t come close to amber heard…

Detractors Depp immediately decided that once the actor pulls, it means he has something to hide.

Hurd, in contrast, stated that it is willing to repeat his accusations. Moreover, it has withdrawn from the court a request to grant her spousal support. They say, tired of her accusations of greed.

“In light of clearly provoked a campaign in the press, designed to denigrate me and present the situation as if I had made false allegations of domestic violence with the aim of obtaining financial benefits, I have decided to withdraw your request!” explained amber in his statement.

But it seems that Depp hopes to settle the conflict peacefully. After all, if the allegations are proved, he risks losing his fans.

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