Суд отклонил иск бывшего продюсера Лолиты Милявской к певице
The artist continues to wage a legal war with his ex-girlfriend.

Lolita and Elena Kiper

Photo: Instagram

In December last year, Lolita has accused his former
producer and co-author of several songs Elena Kiper fraud.
The singer stated that
a girl needs her at least 4.5 million rubles.

In 2014, Lolita has entered into a license agreement with OOO “Elena Kiper
Publishing and Production.” In it, the artist temporarily transferred to the company
the distribution rights to some of their songs. For this Keeper
paid Milavskaya deductions from profits. According to Elena, she listed exactly
as much as it was
stipulated in the contract — 1,2 million rubles. Lolita believes that deductions should have been
to be almost 6 million.

In February Elena Kiper demanded that Lolita was removed from the social networking information, discrediting the honor
and dignity of the producer. In response, the IBA has recorded a video in which he said:
“Only that I got the claim from the lawyer of Elena Kiper. It requires
to remove from social networks my statement. A more brazen creature
I’ve never seen.”

Elena Kiper has filed for the singer to court. It required to admit that its business reputation damages.
But the representative of the singer has not accepted the claim — he stated that Lolita used
value judgments, not insulted.
Besides, IBA
did not criticize the firm, and Elena
Kipper, which
a legal entity is not.

The Moscow arbitration court has agreed with protection of the singer and dismissed the action.
The decision will come into force in a month, if representatives of the Helena do not appeal.