На Джонни Деппа подали в суд за рукоприкладство

Actor johnny Depp, known for her roles in the films “pirates of the Caribbean” and “Edward Scissorhands” suffer from alcohol dependence often and handsy. The incident with amber heard, with whom he divorced because of domestic violence, stirred up the public. Depp is not averse to beat up not only his wife but also his colleagues on the set. But this time the actor will be responsible for the assault. Location Manager Greg Brooks filed for him in court.

На Джонни Деппа подали в суд за рукоприкладство

In the network appeared the document of 14 pages which described in detail the situation that led to apply for Depp to court. It happened April 13, 2017 in the movie, brad Furman from the City of Lies. The media reported it in may of this year. The location Manager is responsible for the overlap of the locations in Los Angeles, where filming one of the scenes for the film. The street was blocked off, and shooting was over. About it, Greg said Director brad Furman, and he in turn told about it to Depp. That’s when he freaked out: “He was six inches from my Manager constantly shouting: “Who are you? You have no right!” — told the sources Page Six.

It seems, then Depp was in the mood to Odebolt. Greg said the actor just doing his job, but johnny punched him twice in the ribs. The actor began to scream, it would pay the Manager $ 100,000 if he hit him in the face in response. Depp’s bodyguards eventually took him away from the set. According to Greg, the actor was definitely under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol.

Here begins the most interesting in history. The film’s Director asked the Manager to sign a contract that says that Greg will not sue Depp. As it turned out, then Brooks didn’t sign the papers and fired him. Here came a time when Depp will get his due. “My client wants Depp was prosecuted for his behavior on the set, so that in the future others will not find ourselves in the same situation,” — said the lawyer of Brooks Arbella Azizian.

We will remind that recently the actor gave an interview in which he spoke about marriage with amber heard who was also palacial. “My fall was so deep, if it’s even possible. I couldn’t stand the pain every day,” said the actor.

Like many actors, Depp decided to cope with the pain through creativity. Now, the actor went on tour with the group the Hollywood Vampires, which plays on the guitar. After the divorce with heard, Depp sat down for a printing machine and began writing a memoir, spilling back all my emotions. “One morning, poured myself a vodka and printed, until the tears completely clouded gaze, making no longer see the page. I was trying to figure out what did to deserve this, what did… Tried to be kind and to help all, not to lie. However, for me the most important thing,” added johnny.

In addition to the heartache, Depp had to cope with money matters. For the actor began litigation with financial managers. Depp accused them of fraud and improper spending of money. Those, in turn, told about the delights of the life of his employer. “My son heard from the kids at school that his old man had lost all his money. This is wrong,” said Depp.